Mind the Gap


Hey, you're the funny one!

MM and Izzy are 2 months short of being four years apart.  Many people think they are my two oldest.  Sometimes, someone says something, generally with benign intentions about the large age difference. I don’t know if they want an explanation, I don’t know if they expect one, maybe they are just making small talk. “Four years? That’s a long time.” “That’s a stretch in between them.”

Oh, you have no idea how much is between them.

Usually, if there’s time, I’ll tell them.  There’s just no way for that conversation to not be awkward.  Let’s face it, nobody wants to hear that you have a dead kid.  Maybe they’re hoping they’ve made an ins for you to share your infertility story, or the juicy crisis that lead you to consider birth control, then there’s a dialogue to be had, something to relate to.  Maybe they’ve been there, they certainly…

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