I Hate Christmas Music

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Ginger's Grocery

(photo credit: acartoonchristmas.com)

Okay, before you accuse me of being a scrooge for writing a blog about how much I hate Christmas music (and I am totally about to write a blog about how much I hate Christmas music), let me preemptively gloss over a few exceptions to this pet peeve of mine. I love Carol of the Bells, for starters. Singing Handel’s Messiah under the direction of my high school chorus teacher, Pat Bonaker, is one of my fondest childhood memories, and joining with the congregation in Silent Night during the candlelight Christmas Eve service always makes me cry.

I don’t categorically hate Christmas music, but I hate most of what they play ad nauseam at shopping centers and on commercials during the last two months of the year. Perhaps most online shoppers make their purchases via computer to avoid lines and crowds, but I’m getting everyone’s gift…

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